The Brothers Crisp

Soon after I moved from South Africa to the USA I knew I wanted to do an internship in menswear, be it men’s clothing, jewelry, shoes or what have you. I did my research and came upon this company ” The Brothers Crisp” – custom shoemaking at its best.

I was looking for a company that is completely different and unique. A company that can turn something so ordinary into a work of art as that is what I aspire to do one day when I start my fashion line. Joshua Westbrook and Jourdan Smith was kind enough to welcome me into the company for an internship, showing me how to master the art of sublime shoemaking. First I started off doing a couple of designs and then went to Connecticut for the manufacturing part.

We started the day off with dozen doughnuts and soon after that, the magic was made. I was so excited to actually be there with Josh, seeing all the hard work he puts into his designs. His hands-on work made me look at custom designs differently and made me realize each penny is well spent when you invest in custom designs.

In the above pictures, you will see the design process from taped shoe last to doing the designs for the particular size we needed to stitching every part by hand.

The Brothers Crisp prides themselves in making one of a kind outdoor, dress and street style designs and my favorite the St. Crispin’s Day Mocsford :).

Not only was Josh a fantastic mentor but a great host as well, he knows all the perfect spots to get the best falafel and outstanding Brazillian food.

For more information on The Brothers Crisp, please visit the link below.


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