Styling tips with a budget!

Just because you can’t afford Gucci does not mean you have to have a wardrobe malfunction! Here are MY tips on how to look glamourous on a tight budget!

Pumps! Go for suede Not Pleather. Suede is highly in fashion now and serves us just about right as this is easier to come buy with a small budget!


Choose the right Fabric!

Fabric makes a big difference and most of the time it is inexpensive but gives an expensive look! Go for Cotton. And PLEASE iron or steam your garments! It just looks better and more expensive.


Add a bit of glam! Do your hair! Do make up!

These three things make a big difference. I make sure when I go out to have those things done because it just gives a bit more of a polished look! Add a pair of nice earrings or necklace or both lol.


And there you go! Everything under $100! The best part is you can mix this around for so many different looks!


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