Eco-friendly coconut fabric: Cocona


I am the biggest lover of coconut everything! Coconut marshmallows, coconut rice, coconut oil, coconut hair mask, Pina Coladas…you name it! I LOVE coconut.

Now as we are all aware, there is a big problem with environment-friendly textiles and cotton is really taking a hit on the environment. However, one thing that has been in the uprise in the fashion industry is Cocona! Coconut fabric is environment-friendly textile, perfect for sportswear. Cocona garments dry 90% quicker than cotton (yay!), absorbs those bad odor, stays cool and offer UV protection, which makes it ideal for those who live active lifestyles.




This jacket men’s fleece jacket is made of 55 percent polyester and 45 percent cocona – picture was taken from

To me, this looks perfectly stylish and with added goodness to the environment! Designer stock up with Cocona! This is the future of perfect fashion!

Designer brands that have used this fabric include Adidas, Under Armour and North Face! Kudos to them!

More up and coming eco-friendly fabrics are pineapple leaves and banana stems!





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