Oscar 2017 trends for MEN!


OMG! I love a man in a suit!

I loved the trends for men this 2017! Not only did we see amazing suits but we saw the classic hanky chief pocket squares, jewelry, and Blue tones!

  1. The hanky chief! Nothing shows of sublime style like adding a pocket square to a suit. It is just that extra touch that makes the ladies go wild. Take some tips from Justin Timberlake, Mahershala Ali, Andrew Garfield and Chris Evans!


2. Add a bit of OOMPH to your look! There is nothing wrong with a man wearing jewelry to jazz up his suit, in fact, I dare you! Get stylish with Pharrell Williams and Aldis Hodge.


3. Blue, Blue, Blue! My favorite color on a man right now! Not only am I mesmerized by Dwayne Johnson’s velvet blue suit but I just love this color on the guys! it makes them stand out more and gives it a fun twist to the ordinary black suit.

Suit up in blue with Dwayne Johnson, Chris Evans, Riz Amhed, Matt Damon and Samuel L. Jackson.



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