I Do…the most unconventional way…!

I Do?….Why not do it in the most unconventional way ever?

I myself have that one funny wedding story! I got married in Las Vegas LOL and OMG that was so much fun! Definitely by far the best day of my life. Getting hitched is not only having that white dress and walking down the isle but it is about celebrating that you found the one person that you will grow old with! It’s happiness. Celebrate it. Do something fun!

You only get married once (hopefully) so why not?

Three insanely unconventional weddings!

#1 and also my fav is….VEGAS!

My husband and I had a Vegas wedding and OMG was that fun! Vegas offers a big variety of choices with weddings, such as Hotels, Elvis Weddings, Drive ups…..and they even have Groupon for them…What??? Wish I knew bout the Groupon before we got married!

…yes, you can do a drive up! Convenient AF.

#2…Foodie much? Doughnut lover like me?

Ok, ok if we did not get married in Vegas, Voodoo Doughnuts would have the venue! I consider myself a foodie and a very serious doughnut critic and what better way to celebrate your love than with smothering yourself with doughnuts. They offer different package that you can check out at http://voodoodoughnut.com/voodoo-doughnut-weddings.php

#3 Go to Africa!

Take it from me…I am from South Africa and Safari weddings are amazing!!! Give your guests something different and have your wedding in South Africa. Percs? It will cost you next to nothing…Enter or leave on an Elephant (they are responsibly treated and you actually support the foundation to help protect elephants)….Food is amazing and the pictures are as unique as you can get!

There you go, be different and enjoy every second.


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